Born, Still As Light

Born, Still, as Light
Still, still as a fallen bird
your beauty just as new
as the moment God created you.

Angels, too, have wings to fly;
God needs you now to fly with Him
and left me here to weep
for you in your silent sleep.

This life is hard,
God spared you pain.
I kept you warm
as long as you lived.

Still, still your beating heart
still as my dying heart
you flew away as a butterfly.
I have no answers, still.

Never will I say good-bye
but, until we meet again

Anne McDowell

Copyright ©2005 Anne S. McDowell

[a.] Saint Paul, MN ì [title] 'Born, Still, As Light' ì [pers.] I have an innate empathy for humankind. Poetry is a way I express ì myself. Especially this poem was inspired by experience of my own. I am ì an accomplished pianist who's dream is to set my poems to music. I have ì various college and life experience 'Cowboy' (Al Erlitz) inspired 'My ì Cowboy' poem. My sister, Allison McDowell, lives in West Virginia. My ì brother, A. Scott McDowell, lives in the Virginia Mountains. I live in St. ì Paul, Minnesota


by Anne McDowell

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