Born To Be Me

Born in this world
Happy and free.
No problems did I have
Just Born To Be Me.

I grew in statue
I learned to talk.
I was taking new responsibility
I learned how to walk.

Though this woman over me
Told me everything to do.
It didn' bother me none
She told me I love you.

As I grew older
I was living in a dream.
Somebody said this wasn't real life.
It isn't as it seem.

I went on to school
Got religion and education too
Then life got kind of twisted
I didn't know what to do.

I thought a lot about my mama
And the things she used to say.
How you've got to keep going
And remember to just pray.

When I had my children
I thought it would be fun.
But I worked so hard
I hardly seen the sun.

I've thought a lot about what mama said
Over and over again.
And I've thought to myself
Where does my life begin?

Some kind of way
Life is turning around.
I make more demands on my children
Saying keep your feet on the ground.

And out of all the demands
My mother made on me.
I find myself daily laughing
Because my mother now is me.

by Cecelia Weir

Comments (2)

The poet has nicely described the carefree days of childhood and then the change and responsibilities coming through age in a woman. She gets into the shoes of her mother.
I really liked the scenerio you have written here and the ending was perfect! Rene'