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Born To Die Again

Newborn sun climbs the sky with slothful pace
Critters leap to life, and so does the human race.
It frightens the moon and usurps the night,
It laughs in triumph as the stars take flight...

It lends color to the living, and all cheeks turn red
And men and women live with careless tread.
It scares off the clouds, who ask to share the day,
So lovers, blooming andyoung can love away...

The fish begin to play in the glistening streams
That absorbs the beauty of its golden beams.
But at its zenith, its piercing rays scathe the soil!
And winds turn scorching as their tempers boil...

The happiness fades away with the blinding heat
The sun’s love had turned to hate-unforeseen deceit!
People run for shelter from its merciless beating!
So the sun relents at the sight of crowds fleeing...

The weary lot now rejoice and praise its compassion.
Once again the streets are filled in every-day fashion.
But now the glowing orb begins to foreswear its powers
As air fills with soothing scents of the evening flowers...

The gloomy body, jaded by the day, begins to fall
Richer in experience, but now just a sad, radiant ball.
It cries in pain, and sheds its blood, marring the sky
But its calls go unheeded! Short of hope, it begins to die...

Long dormant moon lying in anger and filled with vengeance
Now seizes the moment; exploits the sun’s feeble defense.
The sun grows weaker still, and fails to bear the weight
Stars return and the stealing darkness seals his fate...

So ends a lifetime of joy and misery in the sun’s life,
A lifetime in a day, and a day replete with bitter strife.
But fret not, for he will be born again, to relive the pain,
Born to live a day - born to return and reclaim his reign.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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