CM (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

Born To Walk To The Grave

What promise of life is thier.
When we sometime open our eye's to death.
Fragile is a child living to grow among poverty.
I know thier hope is nothing more than a day.
Tommorrow is a blessing if you ask me.
This is my opinion to cross examine and move the minds, eye's
of some that don't see.
Life is balance by the pregnancy rate which is up.
War is still an asset that can't be unbind.
Either we die on the streets or the battlefield seem
impossible to find peace.
The infant of our young mother are being disregard.
When adoption is the only option.
Still they suffer from the love of not being blood.
Let it be, some say but I can't stand here and let the
world destroy itself.
You can hold me in contempt for my words are vital
to the futrure of our children.
Life needs change.
In such as spiritual women and men of the brave.
To lead our children from being born to walk
to the grave.

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