Borne Upon The Clouds

Oh the night that I was born
Borne up by love removed from scorn
Loved like that I'd never known
Love such love that I was shown

Laying there enwrapped in love
Most assuredly from above
So in mind of what I'd seen
So clean, so clean a wash unseen

Yet so miserable, would be dead
Knowing I had no right within my head
For only He Who breathes into life
Holds the key, the key that ends a life

So note this life it did not end
For one Christ He did defend
And raised this life above the stars
Yes love, such love poured on life's scars

For a new majestic love was born
A heart once broken and forlorn
No need for life's unending shrouds
High yes high borne upon the clouds


by Phil Daniels

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Comments (2)

Loving is shown is nice. Having birth in wisdom of light is fortune. Brilliant poem! ..10
a good poem. great feeling imbibed. congrats..