Healthy Food Hero

I like fruit, I'll eat it all day
My Mom says it keeps the doctor away
I like vegetables, I have them for tea
My mom says they are good for me, even peas!
I like meat, fish and cheese
My mom says they make muscles like these!
I like bread, cereals and rice
My mom says they are starchy
But I think they are nice!
I like yogurt and milk at home
My mom says they are good for your bones.
I like chocolate and cola for a snack
My mom says that they contain too much fat!
The Doctor advises eat a balanced diet, Deano
Then you will become a
Healthy Food Hero!

by Della Perry

Comments (6)

lovely, but you are still in the Carribean are you not? I hope the sun comes back into your life to stay. It could be worse, you could live in England god forbid.
Beautiful flow and effortless rhymes abound in this sad and reflective write. jz
Economical, yet covers a lot of significant ground. Laden with loss, longing and regret. Very fine work. jim
great pen, thanks for sharing.10 for me.
Time runs out from all... its a matter how we make the most of it that counts! Simply amazing! Thanks Shaye. worth the 10.
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