G (MARCH 23, 1951 / )

Borrowed Words

I'm waiting here for someone.
Just who, I couldn't say.
She's bringing my contentment.
True love, I guess, someday.

I may just wait forever.
Again, this one last time.
It's then, I shall endeavor
To put our love in rhyme.

By then, if I've forgotten
Expressions lovers say;
I thought that I'd just borrow
From those I wrote today.

That's why I don't mind waiting.
I've got more time you see,
To think of things more charming
To say when love's with me.

It's then, when I'm contented
And know not what to say.
I'll be so glad I waited
And wrote of love this day.

So let me write my love words
To one I do not know.
Though someday, they'll be borrowed,
These words wrote long ago.

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Comments (26)

Nicely written! A poem I admire at first sight!
The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself to it. A very optimistic poem deifiying the true meaning of adoration.....
sigh, hun, these words are stunning. the reader feels such words written just for them. love the way you display such written talent.
hi GW62 your borrowed word were very very nice you bring magic to simplicity....easy and unlaboured a benchmark...i dare say cheers saadat
a lovely write...the worgs written in advance to be borrowed later...may words would'nt much to say later
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