The Weeping Earth

I am the upside down man,
when in a hole I dig deeper
thinking it is up;

I use my satin blindfold
if I need to see.

All my memories
are fragmented media remnants
and I call it living for the moment.

I am the inside out man

I plot to never admit or take the blame,
I kiss evil on the mouth
enjoy turmoil,
and chaos
because they make my inside out,

and that makes me feel whole.

I crave power over
because I feel powerless within
and lather on controls on everything
to sooth my own internal turmoil.

I am sideways man
rocketing from mood swing
to mood swing
like Tarzan swinging on the vines.

I know silent envy,
craven resentments,
large swatches of inferiorities,
steely glances
cutting words and stinging rejections.

I know weakness,
and sometimes love,
sometimes even greatness
and I have died in numerous fox-hole wars
and in muddy swampy ravines.

I have given all for friends and family;
taken a single pea to eat from the pod
so that others might dine.

I have lied
seen many die
by plague, pestilence
and mayhem
yet I survive,
a hybrid,
having produced civilization,
books and poetry

I am hu-man
treading the weeping earth
I am the best
I am the worst.

by Lonnie Hicks

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