Bottle In The Sea

Poem By Rini Shibu

Fill the drops rolling over your cheeks
In an empty bottle upto the brim
The more you fill, the more you feel lighter
But the bottle with tears wiegh heavier
Throw this pain into the sea
for never again you will see
It vanishes without leaving a stain
As the tide takes away all your pain

Comments about Bottle In The Sea

while in sorrow, drink lots of water to recharge the tear glands; nice imagination: the agony is dumped in the ocean! lovely poem
Imaginative Rini. Reminds me of an old poem of mine Send the Blues Back.+10
That 's a splendid poem! To throw your pains into the sea.Just great!
...Throw this pain into the sea for never again you will see-Very rich expression Rini, Liked it!
Pains! ! With tears! But hope lies ahead of you. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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