Bottled Up Inside

Poem By Kasi Navadomskis

Bottled up inside are the words I never said,
The feelings that I hide, the lines u never read.
You can see it in my eyes, read it on my face, trapped inside are lies,
Of the past I cannot replace.
With memories that linger, wont seem to go away.
Why can’t I be happier? Today’s a brand-new day!
Yesterday’s are over, even tho the hurtings not
Nothing lasts forever; I must cherish what I’ve got.
Don’t take my love for granted for soon it will be gone.
All u ever wanted; of the love u’d thought u won.
The hurt Im feeling now, won’t disappear tonight,
But someday, somehow, everything will turn out alright.
No more wishing for the past, some things weren’t meant to be,
Nothing ever seems to last, that’s why I set him free.

Comments about Bottled Up Inside

very emotional. i loved it. a great right. i hope you'll read a couple of mine and comment them!
This shows a lot of hopeful pain, Excellent word flow Kasi,
wow.... i loved ur poem.... i can totally relate to you...... thanks for sharing........

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