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Bottom Feeders

On the bottom of the swamp lies the bottom feeders
The racists, the bigots, the adulterers, and the leaders,
They are the ones who speak of hatred when they preach
They are the leech.

They profit from the things cast off or left over by others
To give or to aid is never their wants or druthers,
To help someone or anyone they will not ever wish or do
They are the slacker, through and through.

They have a total lack of responsibility to provide for oneself
They are the urn that sits upon the shelf,
They rely heavily upon the gullible and the unkowning for sustenance.
On the labors and suffering of others, they have become gluttonous.

They are the losers and the lowlifes hanging out in seedy bars
Filling others needs and wants and desires into empty jars,
As maggots that come from filthy trash that others might kick or stomp
So, comes the bottom feeders, crawling out from the swamp.

Randy L. McClave

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