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Bottom Of The Bottle

Bottom of the bottle
I’m visiting tonight.
I’m swiftly on my way -
Your face is in my sight.

What’s in store for me
At my destination’s end?
Oh intoxicating refuge,
Sometimes you’re my only friend.

Will I laugh and twirl and spin,
In a carefree bliss I find?
Forget every trouble, every thought,
In a numbness of the mind?

Will I weep without a cause,
Blubbering and whiny?
Stumble and try to hide
From the sorrow that seeks to find me?

I could stop you know, should I choose,
Or at least I’d like to think.
But the bottle whispers softly,
“Why not just one more drink? ”

When the sun goes down, the whispers grow
And my thirst, it grows, too.
What harm is it, I tell myself,
There’s far worse I could do.

I try to guard my habit,
But it seems to secret’s out.
I deny again and again,
But I’m met with knowing doubt.

It’s a cycle well worn in,
One I just can’t seem to break.
Others refuse to make peace
With the person that it makes.

Bottom of the bottle,
I’m visiting tonight.
I’m swiftly on my way -
Your face is in my sight.

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swifting voice you made in words, we feel it We know where is Koh-i-noor! There is no hurry to get back Our peacock throne! ! After all, we brought home A precious gift for merriment
This is a very well written and expressive poem, Caroline, and portrays quite accurately how those who are 'hooked' on the bottle often feel. Friends and co-worked often notice the 'buzz' a person feels, and most excessive drinkers don't realize that for a good while. Being dependent on the bottle to relieve personal pain is growing more and more common these days, especially with under-age drinkers. But it effects even little old widows and widowers as well, who miss their spouse or have the aches and pains that growing older alone may bring. You have written a fine poem on a difficult subject, and done it very well. Carl.
A very good write. You paint the picture so very well..10