BOUDICA streaks through Ermine Dawn
When ravens caw the witch’s plea;
’On chariot by black steeds drawn,
Hail! Queen of Righteous Iceni.’

’Take up your rank, ’ a sentry shouts,
’Call spirits forth from Celtic graves;
To Druids and Picts good cause we tout:
To unchain oppressed and enslaved.’

In golden woods, behold the horde
Of noble knights, their warrior queen;
For righteous cause unsheathing swords,
When twenty-twelve betides thirteen.

Hearken to Crispin’s Day anew,
We to our gods commend just end;
Though moral staff is shaped roughhewed,
Triumph soars on Boreal wind.

From Levant shores of angel’s dread,
Rouse thirteen worldly beasts of greed;
Twelve fires from magical showbread,
Spark two lampstands, thus Heaven’s deed.

Hark now the Witch of Buryan,
To thirteen beasts she doth bestow
The Crystal Skull of Manannan:
Doom, defeat and deathly harrow.

Religious zeal is buried deep
Beneath this war’s forsaken waste;
’Correct beliefs’ put fast to sleep,
Our goddess nevermore debased.

Queen Boudica serenely births
A world where all creatures are blessed,
And reverence for our Mother Earth
Where thirteen beasts were laid to rest.

by Toney Brooks

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