Bough To Love

Poem By Will Philip

The bent black boughs of the cherry trees, bring relief, through the beauty of their gifts.
Bearing blossoms, they bring pleasure to all who observe them.
Reminding me of the labour, of the black women in africa,
refreshing those they Love, with their beautiful gifts of,
water food & tenderness.

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It is Autumn and the leaves, leave the tree's.
It is Autumn and the birds swarm, to somewhere warm.
It is Autumn, but you left me in the Spring.

Don't Water Me

I live on the atmosphere,
created by others.
Nourished somehow by life's curiosities,
contradictions & promise.

The Shortest Day

Shout out the lie, how can you say,24 hours in a day?
What about a birth just before midnight, or a death just afterwards.
It's absurd, when night takes daylights place does it darken reasons face,
when you say 24 hours in the shortest day.

The Withered Flower

What were you, as a bud
did you cause others to reminisce
on lost youth and growing old.
In full bloom did you turn heads

Locked Away

I have many feelings locked away, if I let them loose, whole share with me.
They're locked away, Locked away, Locked away.
If I laugh, will you laugh too, & share my warmth, I hope you do.
but until I trust,

Strike A Cord

in the jazz bar, their music portrays a picture, we all struggle to see, through the fog of our imagination.
Canoes are rare in cities, so our thoughts have to stretch all the way to the wilds of Canada & the torrents of water cascading over rocks & rapids, populated by those large leaf like boats for one, fighting to remain upright.

Which brings us back to the city, as many try their best to remain upright, in the torrent of humanity that struggles on a journey, to its destination.