Bounce Back

That's what I always manage to do
with or without you
I savor the time I spend alone, writing poems in my room
these simple actions are just a sign that I am pulling away. That's what most assume
never will I be perfect. Meeting the expectation's of one's 'ideal girl'
before I change the very person who i am, I will take another bite and hurl
I have an ED. My arms are covered with scars & fresh new cuts.
From here on out, I will live for me. Do as I chose. No room to love.
No ifs ands or buts

by neo riddick

Comments (2)

I was drawn to this poem because of the title. I have one with the same title. Actually, it's a limerick and so I have it listed this way: Limerick: Bounce Back Yours is great. I enjoyed reading it.
this is a really good i was just like your poem a long time ago you should write more poem like this great job