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Bound And Waiting
BG BEAU GOLDEN (1565 / Earth, USA, California, Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Balboa blvd)

Bound And Waiting

There you are bound and waiting
i see the cuffs holding you still
the sweetness of you dripping with anticipation
furthering soon we will our relation

There you are bound and waiting
I see that you cannot see for i have covered your eyes
my touch brings your sighs
I will play you as Franz Liszt must've played
But you are my piano
I will play you as a concerto

There you are bound and waiting
No, alas, you are not present but in my minds eye
I own you
You've announced it to me
It's right there in your letter
As if you are before me
Bound and waiting

We both know that you want me to hold you
caress you whisper in your ear i adore you
But you moved your queen right in front of my horse
And now he will jump you and soon checkmate
You wrote to me you are forever dearest
But i only saw you as you really are
Bound and Waiting

Bound and Waiting
There is no placebo
I know
I own you
Like a cat about to paw a trapped mouse
I will take advantage of your gift
But perhaps you will someday forget me
While the sweet memory of you
The intoxicating scent of you
The taste of skin and neck of you
dammit Never leaves me
It Never leaves me!
Forever, I will be

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Comments (5)

Sensuality erotica BEAU... I am moved from inside out! .Superb portrayal of a feeling! Top ark.
Awesome depiction of Romantic Erotica, Beau....This piece has even-flow from the very start, as it cascades itself down almost into an apropos graphic structure as ypu close out....impassioned expression with vivid imagework brings this gem to a nice'CLIMAX? ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR
I was pleased to hear the wheel finally turning in her favour Beau, All the male instincts of tracking and feasting on your prey here, erotica too? lol What more could a woman want? lol Another good poem. I cannot understand how I have missed you before? smiling at you, not like I mean it, but because I am Tai and just have to!
well it is very interesting and unique. i like it.
Hey Beau, interesting poem u wrote there! Ur other poems are great too! I might email you later! Caryl x