Bound By Their Church Law

Bound by their church law of celibacy they do not have a wife
The Roman Catholic Priest does lead a lonely life
By a minority of his fellow priests he has been betrayed
Though for forgiveness for them to his God he has prayed
For the serious crimes and sins of a minority of his fellow priests he should not take any blame
But some people do generalize and this does seem a shame
Like most of his fellow priests to his higher self and to his God he is true
And for the pure life he does live credit is surely his due
For celibacy even for one's vocation the sacrifice is high to pay
Especially in the Human World we do live in today
A tiny minority from the path of righteousness does stray
But that even a few Roman Catholic Priests are quite imperfect does seem sad to say
A kind and devout person he lives a good and moral life and by good example does lead
But it is only of a minority of far less worthy priests we do hear of or read.

by Francis Duggan

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