Bound For Warrnambool

The Winter days are at an end though the weather remains cool
And for the weekend Ken and Joan have taken their children Luke and Kate for a drive to Warrnambool
To watch the southern right whales with their young calves from Logan's beach swimming in the shallow sea
A thing of natural beauty and a marvellous sight to see.

The children excited about the trip are smiling in delight
A five hour journey doesn't seem long for to witness such a sight
As gentle marine giants surface for air a hundred metres from the ocean shore
For to see such a wondrous thing some would travel for a day or even more.

The southern right whales in Warrnambool for a month to six weeks stay
They will soon swim far from Logan's beach in deep waters far away
But they will return again to give birth within view of the sandy shore
Their breeding place for centuries and where their descendants will breed forever more.

The children are delighted free of the boredom of school
For the weekend with their parents on the road to Warrnambool
To watch the southern right whale mothers with their young surface for air
A wondrous thing of Nature and few sights with it to compare.

by Francis Duggan

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