IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Boundless Curiosity For Friend Thad.

The world is full of mysteries.
Colossal buildings left behind
by earlier societies.
Their purposes still ill defined

Although the archaeologists
advance their favourite theories.
The mysteries will long persist.
Their different hypotheses.

Cannot be proven any way.
They’re based on their experience
Of living in the world to day.
A different frame of reference.

Which cannot possibly apply
They saw the world quite differently.
I do not think we can deny
We’re blinkered in the way we see.

The evidence which we can find,
We can’t interpret properly
The artefacts they left behind
Their uses are a mystery.

Though we attempt to classify
we can’t be sure we are correct.
These relics from past history
aren’t always what we would expect.

Temples and Tombs or Palaces
The truth is that we do not know
Secular or sacred places.
There is no evidence to show.

That we can state with confidence
confirms our modern theories.
We have no point of reference
With which everyone agrees.

The arguments rage to and fro
As experts wrangle bitterly
They daren’t admit they do not know.
Although they don’t quite obviously.

At best an educated guess
Must be the best we can expect.
From experts trying to impress
The other experts I suspect.

It seems to me improbable
That we will solve these mysteries
Our mind sets aren’t comparable
as different as chalk and cheese.

But still we are compelled to try
because these monuments exist.
Our boundless curiosity
will not allow us to desist.

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