Boundless Space

Just before the eventide,
Maybe the tides constantly play yet
At the edge of my Liberty Beach.
And I'm now watching those birds flying
Hither and thither thoughtlessly,
With their wobbly minds.
I'm here...., I'm standing now
Right here, in front of the northern door
Of the office.
An as usual visit, you know.
Today something I want to interrogate.
Who is the ruler...tell me,
Who is the ruler of this state?
Such an autocratic state!
If you can stand all alone before the gate
Of the eternal faith, I will abide your ways
Or if you are merely a normal being,
A fellow seated on that chair
For a certain period of time,
Little sharper, the experienced one.
Take a back seat please!
Don't absorb my rights that I ever deserve,
Like those evening birds.
Let me try,
Let me adorn my wings to have a place
In this boundless space.


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