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Bouquet Of Flowers
KK (09 Jan / Chennai)

Bouquet Of Flowers

Mishmash of flowers from different gardens
Born and brought up under different stipulation
Cross each others path suddenly some day
Form a bouquet of great elegance
Each having diverse facets
Yet the flowers do complement each other
Looking at them the spectators feel
These flowers were made to come together
Though for a short duration, they do spread
Bliss and delight in the onlooker's heart
Dispersing a sweet aroma, they do enhance
The beauty of the place where they do exist
But the splendor is ephemeral, it does not last
They have to compromise and the fate does strike
There does occur a terrible severance
Leaving sweet reminiscence in the lovely hearts
The beautiful time stays, it is enduring
Though it cannot return, it remains in memory forever

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Comments (2)

The scent has gone with the wind The beauty with the beholders eyes but memory is here to stay like a diary. nice.
very nice... thanks,