Bow And Arrows 1956

Benny took
his bow and arrows
onto the grass behind
Arrol House.

Jim had a crossbow
with three arrows.

On the area
away from them
Jim had set up a target.

Mine is more accurate
he said
because I can view
along the line
of the crossbow
you have to view
along by where your hand
holds the bow.

Jim went first
and hit the target spot on.

Your turn now
he said.

Benny aimed
at the target
and fired his arrow
but missed the target
it fell on the grass behind.

Told you
he said
try again.

Jim went first
and fired
and hit
the target again.

Benny aimed
at the target
and hit it
and the arrow stuck
on the target.

That's good
Jim said.

They played around
with the arrows and targets
for quite some time
then his mother
said it was time for dinner
and he went in.

Benny went back
to his parents' flat
and put his bow
and arrows away
and had lunch.

He read in
a history book
that at the battle of Agincourt
an archer could fire
12 arrows in a minute
and an arrow
could wound someone
at 250 yards
but killed them
at a 100 yards
and in the battle
a 1,000 arrows
were fired every second.

I must tell Jim that
Benny mused
my arrows hadn't gone
that far maybe
if I took the rubber plunger
off the end
it would go
much farther
but it might be dangerous
he thought
and get in trouble
if I got caught.

by Terry Collett

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