Bow To The King Of Vanished Sights

Poem By Alice Baudoin

Everything started with a word,

I learnt that using the wrong word
Into the right place
Could rise a star into the darkness

I learnt that courage
Is flattering beauty
Just as your humid eyes rise in hopes
That a mere word could be
In glitter and in strength above any sword

In your letter-shaped arms
I want to spend time
With eternity
You are a remarkable presence
Whispering centuries
Into my inexperienced ear

Your sumptuosity is overwhelming
Your spirit is uplifting
Your fingers are sanctifying
The essence of a pen and a candle
Your words are redeeming
And justifying

What uttermost beauty is sending you here,
Time and time again,
For a dream and a dawn?

Good morning,
Mr Shakespeare

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Dear Alice, such a wonderful poem...10++++

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