RW (02-11-35 to 06-13-2006 / Glasgow, Scotland)

Bowling Green

Don't let them kid you,
The slow, cardiganed men
On the bowling green.

The lemonade sippers
On the sidelines
Know what is to come.

The persimmon wheels
End to end,
Biased by weight,
And courtesy.

The unbeatable bowl
Lies touching the jack.
Then the demonwood
Crashes, panjandrum-like
Full-tilt into the head.

Don't let them fool you,
The slow, cardiganed men.
They fought their wars
In their youth.
Only the battlefields have changed.

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Rudyard Kipling


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Very moving poem Robert, oh and by the way, you have an excellent sir-name LOL! ! Take care and keep up the high standard Love duncan X