Box (Being Controlled)

Close me in a box,
Close the lid up tight,
I don’t need to see,
I don’t need the light.

Close me in a box,
Close the lid up tight,
I won’t even struggle,
I won’t put up a fight.

Close me in a box,
Shut that lid up tight,
I can’t really breathe,
But that’s still alright.

Close me in a box,
Close that lid up tight,
You’ll never break my soul,
Be it day or night.

You’ll never break my spirit,
Nor kill me in that way,
For I will never give up,
I’ll live to see a better day.

So squeeze me all you wish,
It doesn’t mean a thing,
From the outside I look weak,
But from inside I will sing.

Sing songs of freedom,
Of living out my dreams,
You see,
I can’t be what you want me to be,
I will always just be me.

Inside or out,
Not one bit, you won’t change me,
Inside this box or out,
In my heart I’m always free.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (3)

wish you the best... because of your sweet poems regards
Wow! I can relate to this too. It really shows how many people feel. I like the way the beginning stanzas start the same way. A 10. -Lydia
wow i can relate to this one, terrific, splendidly expressed.