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Box Of Xmass Ornaments
EH (dec 29/60 / Perth NB)

Box Of Xmass Ornaments

Here i sit with a fresh can of coke (cola)

Sifting through xmass past.

Each ornament holds a memory,

Every chip a different story.

Some are weathered and worn,

The bright colors maybe faded.

But the memories always there.

A story to be told in each one.

Memories to be cherished.

Some made by hand with love.

Smiling faces of children growing.

Messages of thoughtfulness shown.

Angels with broken halos

Riendeers with twisted legs.

Garland that surely has the mange.

Icicles that melted and refrozen.

Candy canes that long ago expired.

Each year a new memory added.

The thought of putting the tree in its stand.

Cats racing up the tree, little angels on the top.

Ornaments that last forever, even broken.

At the bottom of the box is the best.

Its knowing there will be lots more yet.

This year i'm adding another.

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