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Boxed Love

Our love is like a box,
It has so many sides,
It’s hard to say which,
Is more a source of pride.

One side has so much peace,
The peace you bring to me,
Loving you makes me calm,
A true feeling of being free.

Then there is the fun,
The humor that we share,
We laugh together so much,
A sure sign that we care.

Another side is passion,
It burns inside of us,
We cannot even fight it,
We love with little fuss.

Insecurity, misunderstandings,
This side taints the rest,
It makes us feel bad,
For what is in our chest.

How about we place,
Our box on the floor?
We’ll hide that awful side,
And think of it no more.

Because the other things,
Outweigh this nasty side,
Inside that box is where,
True love really resides.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (2)

nice way of comparison wish you the best
the first time that i read a poet compares love to a box. lovely aisha. love is should be kept safely and warmly inside.