Boxed Up

I am torturing myself
Locking up myself
To a seclusion of frailty
Of my own weakness;
Of my own grief.
I have gone
Not knowing when to return
If I should return
Not knowing what’s ahead of me
Not caring
I have crossed the boundaries
Of my own feelings
And I detest what I have done.
What’s left of me
Is your shadow
Creeping my every move
My every breath
Stands for you
And I have to go further
Until your image fades
But my thoughts
I can’t compete
I have to destroy myself,
Before it destroys me.

by Velvet Astraea Dido

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Comments (2)

before it destroys me... words gripping... I love the word play-rhythm of your poetry... very expressive and moving
great stuff this poem inspired by your poem; self hynopsis speaking to the self that nobody else knows