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Boxes Of Things
JAS (June 1965 / Clinton Iowa)

Boxes Of Things

With life we wander at times it seems.
Gathering cards and photos and memories of dreams.
In order they’re put, and tucked away in a box of things.

Life moves silently along as we move about.
Subconsciously taking the easy route.

Stepping from life to life, thoughts and dreams,
collecting more to place in our box of things.

The photos of old, the letters of past,
the shadows and skeletons to the box we cast.

The hats, the dresses, the pins and rings.
Slowly growing in size this box of things.

Taking different colors, patterns and shapes, it grows…
The forever un-ageing emotion it holds.

Then just about the time it’s forgotten, it beckons…
We pull it out for the day of reckon.

One by one, piece by piece,
happy, regretful, sadness, grief.

Rushing out, no warning, emotional stings.
The cover we place back over our box of things…

September 19,1994

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oh soooo deep. I must go look at my boxes of crap now.