Pain&Mdash;Expands The Time


Pain—expands the Time—
Ages coil within
The minute Circumference
Of a single Brain—

Pain contracts—the Time—
Occupied with Shot
Gamuts of Eternities
Are as they were not—

by Emily Dickinson

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How soft hearted, yet smart enough one has to be, to catch a glimpse of a sight and make the rest of the world to cry over it. Great stuff. Thanks for painting the boy by window in the correct perspective and sharing with us.Congrats for being the PoD.X
A very nice poem. Enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks for sharing.
this is an amazing piece of poetry, its awesomely great. I love it
A beautiful concept. loved the emotion behind the words.
I enjoyed reading your poem. So much imagination. Having no wish to go inside and die huh? That made me chuckle despite the sad flavour of your verse. Your write well. Thanks for sharing. And congrats for making POD list. 👍
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