Boy Child

He stood in awe,
With that weird feeling,
Succumbed by being queer,
Of what nature clothed him with,
Without his mentioning on a positive note.

From a very tender age,
Busy dad scolded him off,
Doting mom shunned his tears off,
And neighbors became parents,
Always ruining his freedom.

With twin sister beside,
She got all and sundry appraisal,
Every favour bestowed gracefully,
While his tears were cut off at bud stage,
And, 'big boys don't cry' became his anthem.

Cruelty of life laid its hands on him,
Surviving by the edge of a knife,
Wishing that all could see the prodigal son,
Call him back to at least now the field,
And get a penny into his stomach.

She came with the 'stand for girl child' initiative,
Started 'save a girl save the society' movement,
Lowered the grading system to a girl's favour,
Increased job vulnerability on beauty basis,
And forgot that 'S' alone can't be a S'HE'.

A slap on her face earned him a jail term,
Her shriek almost got him mob-killed,
She forgot all his sacrifices for her survival,
And worriedly, when she terribly hurt his manhood,
Contempteous laughter and mockery became his bread and butter.

by Jacob macharia

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The neglected boy child.. thanks RoseAnn
Sounds like a terrifying childhood to have lived through. Heart breaking poem of reverse abuse. Love that line - And forgot that 'S' alone can't be a S'he. Very profound! Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn