Poem Hunter
GW Geoff Warden (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)


Tell me if thou will,
of this boy-child,
the one so in seek,
that every man bows,
an' all that is...IS..

Tell me if thou can,
of innocence youth,
from poor beginnings,
and humble stature,
this boy be a king..

Tell me Mother Mary,
this child of yours,
doth he have a name,
for so many call,
yet all seem to be..

Tell me of this boy,
where for his father,
in poverty he lay,
yet riches should be,
his truth of glory.

Tell me how this boy,
give ears to listen,
an' spirit to fill,
each an' every heart,
with truth of this be..

Tell me of this boy,
I so long to hear,
who came to this flesh,
having all unto him,
giving all unto me..

Tell me of this boy,
the child....the King,
this Shepard of sheep,
the rise of Glory,
the hope of man kind..

Tell me of this boy,
this child of spirit,
blood upon his hands,
gash within his side,
truth within his heart..

Tell me of this boy,
his father I know,
eyes must have sight,
ears diligently listen,
the truth of the day....

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Comments (5)

You do tell it like it is Geoff, with this one, it's most on cue! HG: -) x
Some very strong writing here Geoff and thankyou for your comments on my work Merry Christmas Love duncan X
Wonderful take on the First Christmas...Merry Christmas, Sir G. & to Lady T., Jodi & all of whom are important to you...Frank
Beautiful... your heart shows a divine glow..
Tell me of this boy, Emmanuel 'God with us' in the flesh, oh tell me sweet lord, tell me of this boy, who came to forgive us of our sins........Wonderful Geoff! All the best, Diane