Boy Do I Need A Plan B....

Poem By Vallerie Lobell

uniforms all set out the night before,
breakfast planned ahead of time too,
they're usually asleep by quarter to nine,
booksacks packed is also a must do,

six fifteen sounds the alarm, I think that all is ready,
but oh how wrong I was again,
the arguing starts when they open their eyes,
can't hear myself think above the din,

Levi will walk all around with his clothes,
first thing you know, his socks are lost,
he'll swear I did not put him any,
I began searching and I get cross,

Jordan moves at such a slow pace,
trying to put pants on laying down flat,
putting tennis shoes on without untying,
twisting my ankle, I trip on the cat,

my plan for pancakes out the door,
I 'm calculating about where the bus may be,
they're dropping cereal on the floor,
feel the blood pressure rising in me,

at the door I grab the jackets from the wall,
complete with the Central Mustangs emblem,
lick my fingers to ply down the hair they missed,
in the nick of time I'm on the porch with them,

they never make the bus driver wait,
she thinks she sees a well oiled machine here,
I smile as she waves and pulls away,
then a tiny voice whispers in my ear,
says they'll miss that bus tomorrow my dear,

Comments about Boy Do I Need A Plan B....

What a story this has to tell, most many a mother can sympathize. How many times I have said, 'Don't cry over your mittens, just call; maybe they will come to you. Adeline
nice story lines with a well planned writtes.......
With a resource like you, they can never miss that bus! Thanks for sharing.

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