(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

Boy Meets Girl Meets Boy….[vanity; Youth; Gender; Bri's Answer To The Poem " Once " By Michael Rosen; S H O R T ]

A boy wishing to be beautiful
painted his face like a doll-girl.
Then he waited at an alley dustbin
hoping his boring life would unfurl.

Came a girl wishing to be strong.
She walked into the alleyway.
She hadn't been there very long...
before a pretty boy stood up to say:

"Little girl, do you find me beautiful? "
She said to him: "Yes I do indeed! "
Then she showed him her left titty.
which shocked the boy so much he peed.

She pushed herself against the boy,
but he pushed back, filled with alarm.
She asked: "Boy, do you find I'm strong? "
He said: "You are, for a girl.Now let go my arm."

So boy and girl met and both were satisfied.

(Jan. … 31...2019)

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I totally agree with the previous comments, adolescence is a confusing time, and of course additionally so with gender issues. The last line left alot to the imagination...lol
Adolescence is a time of confused identities for some! However the hormones seem to work vigorously in both!
Ah here we are in the realms of boy meets girl who wants to be a boy and a boy who wants to be a girl and neither really knows what they are and lets face it its a confusing time adolescence So boys will be girls and girls will be boys but then well it sort of works out Anyway enough of my nonsense enjoyed thanks
That was a fine date! ! !
Beauty and force got matched well!