Boy's Games

Ignite my imagination,
Take me somewhere new,
I want to go places,
I want something to do.

Take me on a plane ride,
High up in the sky,
I’ll make my arms the wings,
You lift me up so high.

Let’s become a train,
Trundling along,
I’ll sing “Choo choo”,
We can’t really go wrong.

Let’s have a race,
I’ll start my engine now,
Just pretend we’re cars,
I’ll even show you how.

Let’s take a trip,
We’ll make believe a zoo,
I’ll make all the noises,
Just pretend it’s true.

Let’s take a boat ride,
Sit in this box, will you?
I can be the captain,
You can be the crew.

Just ignite my imagination,
Make my heart so glad,
I’ll often look back,
On the memories that we had.

The time we played together,
The games that we shared,
The times that you were there with me,
And showed me that you cared.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (5)

Enjoyable and memorable. Children can teach us a lot of things when they let their imaginations fly. There are not limits.
Cardboard boxes make such wonderful vehicles. You have provoked many happy memories with your poem. Kindest Regards, Irene
Aisha, a clever and imaginative expression of friendship... well done! ! Brian
Simple, charming, beautifully constructed, nostalgic and tender.
Aww this poem is so cute, I love it!