Boy Soldier

Poem By SPC Kellaway

He wears his heart upon his tunic sleeve
His buttons gleaming gold and bright
But in his eyes you see the ache
The need to prove his worth
The need to join the fight

It does not matter where the battle is
For he has faced the mightiest foe
And in his mind the job is done
But still his age belies the tale
He has to right, he has to go

His mother cries in fear of future loss
She knows his strength of will
Not for him the easy path
Nor the armoured ride
Danger, he will have his fill

Yet in his early days he was so shy
No urge to strive, no need to fight
He wanted peace to grow
He wanted time to love
No death was in his sight

Yet later he would find his faults
And yearn to put them right
In search of only honour
He dreams of glory still
Seeking love with all his might

In time his quest will be fulfilled
He will see his future fate
But will it be the one
He hopes to cease and take
Or just one fight too late

Comments about Boy Soldier

well written Sam, very nicely worded, and touching piece of poetry.

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