Boy With A Dolphin

Boy with a dolphin, two species at play!
Submerged for a moment then up to the spray!
Two mammals at leisure, no danger in sight
Just swimming together neath golden sunlight!
Neither is greater or lesser at all...
Each is the partner as pleasures enthrall!
The dolphin is noble and caring to boot...
Fraternal in spirit and physically cute!
The boy holds the dolphin in tune with his friend,
'You lead and I'll follow! ' They both comprehend!
No biting or scratching, just true courtesy
That's borne of God's blessing and joint harmony!
Could this be the blueprint of how life was planned?
Exploring the Cosmos by space, sea and land!
With love as the standard, the hallmark of grace
And proof is made known by the smile on one's face!
If so, keep on smiling and bubbling with joy!
Remember the dolphin! Remember the boy!
Keep faith with God's Spirit and radiate love!
And soon you'll be flying with angels above!

by Denis Martindale

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