Boy You'Re Going To Carry That Weight

Poem By David S Harkins

'Dana Grace, is that you? ' I asked, as the phone stopped ringing.
'Yes, Dad, it's me, who'd you think it would be? '
'Oh, ok, I see, You're as manic as me.'
'Yes, Dad, I'm higher than a kite,

Mom's with Conrad again,
And she's spending the night.
And I'm just alright.'
'Are you safe my teeny-one?
Where are YOU staying tonight? '

'I'm at 'Nelle's but she's working this night;
And I am bored out of sight.'
'Thanks for calling, but Dadeo, I must go,
You see, Lindsey's mom just pulled up,
I'm going to go with them to Wall-Mart right now,
And shop and shop and shop and how.'

'I'll try to call you later this very eve,
But If I don't, don't think I am trying to deceive,
I'm only busy running around all through the night,
And singing and playing to keep from getting uptight.'

'I'll see you soon, when you come up,
I know you're coming as soon as you can,
So, it's bye for now, my Father, dear,
You can hear the horn blowing in your ear.'

'She's such a wonderful daughter, my Dana dear,
I remember the days I held her near;
Not so long ago when she was a tween,
But now that she is a full-blown teen,
I guess, she's 'too busy' to talk to her 'Daddy Dear.'

And so I'll go on my webtv,
Maybe I'll browse on SingleMe? '
Or write some poems to my dear friend;
Who isn't sure she wants to be,
Nor whether I'll ever get on with my life and mend?

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