IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Boyhood Dreams.

</>Boyhood dreams.

You were.
My dream come true
To you I am the boy next door.
Although I’d like to be much more

I dare
not voice my love.
I am afraid you’d laugh at me.
So I must worship secretly

Your smile
can make my day.
You speak to me but I’m too shy
A stumble over my reply

I think you know
That I am in love with you
You also know it isn’t true

But you
Choose to pretend
you do not know although you do
There’s nothing else that you can do.

You do.
What you think best.
Now I am older I can see
That you were very kind to me.

You could
have ignored me.
But you did not you really tried
To let me keep my boyish pride.

To interact
With me in such a gentle way
Which I remember still today

My thanks
Are due to you.
As I matured I found new dreams
That may come true or so it seems.

Saturday,05 November 2011
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Noble poem all the of beauty of words... I liked your Boyhood Dreams Mr. ivor... and ever so...10... Best wishes, Tsira