I like to play in the rain, splash through the rain puddles
I like to jump in the mud and make mud pies
My mother shakes her head at me

I like to ride my bike up and down the sidewalk and catch frogs
After it rains I like to go look for worms and chase my sister around
My mother shakes her head at me

I like to climb trees and build forts
Play in the rocks and dirt
I like to pretend I'm on an adventure and see where my imagination takes me
My moher shakes her head at me

I'm all boy as you can see, when I'm all grown up my mother will sit back and laugh at all the things I used to do
But until then my mother shakes her head at me

by jamie white

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I believe this poem was written by a sub-teener- possibly a 12 or 13 year old. So Jamie has good observational capabilities of nature and has commented on these observations. The next step is to make the poem sing when it is read. out-loud. I recommend she read 'Poem Making' - 'Ways to begin Writing Poetry' by Myra Cohn Livingston This book was written for her age level.
Lucky, today most are comatose on ritlin