(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Boys And Girls

School children,
Boys and girls;
Along the line,
To taste each other,
In the name of fornication!
With premarital sex;
Then, the boys still attended their respective schools,
To write their exams for degrees! !
While the girls drop out of school,
Without a degree in thier hands;
Because, they were not allowed to take their exames!
With protruded stomachs.
Yes, the girls became pregnant from premarital sex;
Who is to be blamed?
Of the sins of mankind;
Starting as early as possible on this earth,
In the name of the pleasures around us.
Examinations! !
The girls drop out without degrees in thier hands;
While, the boys who made them pregnant were allowed to write their exams,
Which may end them up with degrees in their hands.
Boys and girls,
Who is to be blamed on this issue of premarital sex?
Let us think very deep on this issue,
And, let is advise our children!
Training them up with the truth,
Than, to enjoy the pleasures of this earth which leads to sin.

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