Boys Of The Fifties

The boys of the fifties are not young today
The years have left them looking wrinkled and gray
In the late nineteen sixties they were in their lives prime
Anybody does never get younger in time
Some of them are married and some of them married did not stay
And some of them are ageing grandparents today
And some of them at peace where those in peace lay
In life no guarantees as the wise one does say
Some of them from their first homes did not venture far
And today they patronize their first and only local bar
And some of them ageing in cities far away
From where they first looked on the bright lamp of day
The boys of the fifties their best years long gone
And the clocks on their lives ever keep ticking on.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (3)

I'll testify to that Francis.....
Puts me in mind of Happy Days, Grease, and American Graffiti (except more real, of course!) Juke boxes, drive-ins, penny loafers and saddle oxfords, letter sweaters, poodle skirts, the advent of Rock & Roll music, transistor radios, Sweet Sixteens, being pinned, record players, ponytails, convertible cars. Those must have been the days!
I was a boy in the forties and fifties. A good poem.++10