Boys Will Be Boys

The grown men must play with their dangerous toys
Like those who do say that boys will be boys
But real guns have bullets and bullets cause blood spill
And bullets can maim for life if they don't kill.

Real guns are not toys not things one use for play
Yet people from bullet wounds die every day
They are not designed for enjoyment or fun
There is nothing more lethal than a loaded gun.

Guns are used by callous people to instil in others fear
And death by gun of nowadays we too often do hear
And far more deaths nowadays by gun than by knife
Those who play with guns have no respect for life.

Boys will be boys to some grown men apply
And men who worship guns the fact deny
That 'tis as easy to shoot at a person as a rabbit or deer
Death by gun we so often read of and hear.

by Francis Duggan

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