Boys Will Behave Like Boys

You've often heard the saying boys will behave like boys
And some boys never grow up or never do grow wise
And some even Elected to the highest office in the Land
And why give a boy a man's job I will never understand?

Some are still boys in their fifties and though invested with great power
They try to re-shape history and dream of a yet more glorious hour,
They only make their wealthy mates more financially secure
And cause wars and great sufferings and make the poor more poor.

In the house of Parliament they behave like unruly girls and boys
They shout across the chamber at each other and make a lot of worthless noise
These Elected Legislators by their behaviour do seem small
And for us who gave them the power it does not say much at all.

On the day of the election we ought to be more circumspect
For there must be better people than them to elect
For electing school yard bullies there's a price we have to pay
For the silly choices we make when we vote on voting day.

by Francis Duggan

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