Poem By Virginie Guillemette

You are like a lover to me
always there
always sweet
What a fine and shining
Boyscout you'd be
always there with good deeds...
like a lover-brother
Oh, selfish me!
to tie that apron string
string you along
try to
keep you.
Ah, I've made no claim!
yet this pup has
followed me home yet again.

I've offered you scraps
watched you lap
every word
every look
like a starving dog would
I should let you go home
but I feel too alone.

If I've promised you sweets
sweet boy you should know
Candy and Treats
never soften the blow
'Always ready', they say
Be prepared! Lead the way!
what plans do you hatch
as you're earning your patch?
and with your special hats
this girl can't resist that...

If you rescue me, then
lead me out of the wood
rescue only a friend
as all good Boyscouts should.
and if I offer sugar
myself, sticky sweet,
know that candy is poison
and quickly retreat.

Comments about Boyscouts

I have been a scout leader for many years, And many of these stanzas echo truth.
mischievously enjoyable to read....thanks for sharing! Kristy

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