Bragging Billy

He loves himself a bit too much his ego over-inflated
It seems obvious by self alone he is only celebrated
His mates down at the local pub they praise him with a snigger
At their over patronizing words his ego does grow bigger
A twenty six year old father of two his wife she did re-marry
She is pregnant expecting her third child with her new husband Harry
He does not have a woman in his life most women find him over-bearing
He is too busy thinking and talking of self for feelings of love and sharing
His three favorite subjects are me, myself and i and little else to him does matter
And whilst thinking and talking of himself his ego does grow fatter
He does take self love much too far right to the point of silly
His nickname seems to suit him well he is known as 'Bragging Billy'
On thinking and talking of self so much effort by him invested
In praise of me, myself and i he only seems interested.

by Francis Duggan

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