IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Faith Vs. Doubt

Feed your faith and starve your doubt,
Confess the Lord Jesus with your mouth,
Praise His holy name with a shout,
Drive the demons of the devil out.

First and foremost read the word,
Speak it aloud to be sure it’s heard,
Don’t be like Peter starting to cuss & swear,
Tell the world you know Jesus is there.

Doubt is deceitful and doubt is doom,
Doubt is defeated and doubt is gloom,
Faith is victory and faith is success,
Faith is the word and it brings out the best.

Imagine the Colts or Steelers being 0 & 16,
Is it sinking in now, understand what I mean?
How about the New York Yankees at 0 & 162?
What other way can I make it clearer to you?

Faith is not something you buy and exchange,
God wants it permanently stamped on your brain,
D is for the devil that wants you to deny,
Satan is jealous he’s already lost eternal life.

Faith is a trait the devil can no longer possess,
He’s already been given and failed his test,
Satan doesn’t doubt God’s love being true,
This is why he’s trying so hard to defeat you.

He tried to overthrow the Commander In Chief,
Failing miserably Satan wants more to share his grief,
Sadly, too many don’t believe Narrow is the Gate,
And all you need to do is have God given faith.

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When my first gradson was born, it dawned on me, i was now sleeping with a granny! lol regards Bob
Good on you Ivor, and many congratulations on the new arrival. They certainly keep you young, if exhausted. Lovely poem all about what families are all about. Enjoyed it. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX