Shy Sunflower.

Shy sunflower
Was alone in the tower
Shy sunflower was waiting for tomorrow
Without wounds or sorrow.
Shy sunflower of mine
It was so delicate,
A warm wind in my fate.
Shy sunflower... It was divine.
Shy sunflower was waiting for the sunrise
And with you I was waiting for paradise.

by Marcondes Pereira

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Fresh fruits harvested from our backyard that grew by the care of our hands is a pride indeed. I took felt proud of my produced such such mango, mangosteen, papaya, etc whic I palnted around my house. To taste them bloats my pride even greater. Thanks for sharing Patricia. Your grandsons must be proud of you too! High marks.
Good God Patricia! I would do well to grow a cherry tomato with my own hands! Well done you on your bumper crop.... Enjoy! ! HG: -) xx
Well done indeed Patricia, what a beauty. lol I love the title and the poem is a gem. Congrats from Tai, in de skies as Aciiiiiiid Test
Now all you need is a big country picnic...fried chicken...corn on the cob...baked beans...potatoes salad....greens..biscuts and honey...then top it of with a few slices of that watermelon.....nice poem takes me back to some family picnics....thanks for the memories.....did you use some good old country fertilizer to get it to grow that big? : O)
Purdy fun poem... southern bell 10