Saundarya Lahiri

Thou art residing in secrecy with Thy Lord
in the thousand petalled Lotus,
having pierced through
the Earth situated at Mooladhara,
the water in the Manipura,
the Fire abiding in the Swadhishtana,
the Air in the Heart
the Ether above
and Manas between eyebrows
and thus broken the entire kula path.

by Adi Shankaracharya

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A great poem unfolding the eternal truth of a life and it's bondage with the Creator, thus, a marvelous attempt of self realization. Thanks for sharing it here.
Like to read again and again. Very interesting poem. Liked it.
A great poem with spiritual meanings of death and after. Remembering the great text of Bhagavatgitha.
A Vision! Subconscious dreams occupy most of our life in sleep; Conscious imagination helps to enjoy reverie forever; Vision of the whole we have by intellectual musing..! What is impossible is possible by such facilities of mind; Sans dreams, imagination and vision, Nature does all By illusion we see and wonder musing in loneliness ever! Like the two rails of railway track sky, sea and land exist; But at the horizon, we see both sea and sky meet together And at the horizon, we see both sky and land meet together! Meeting together of sky and sea at the horizon is an illusion; Meeting together of sky and land at the horizon is an illusion; In reality, they all never meet together like the rails of railway! At the higher level, we see reality from illusion to know truth; By intuition, we see the ultimate reality and ultimate truth sure!
Lovely...this is about one finding the Brahmam (God the generator, operator and the destroyer, the all pervading Absolute) in oneself within... comprehending Him in all the opposites thereby realizing He is the Causer... that state of Bliss is Heaven....superb poem....I'd like to humbly dedicate my poem to this great poet Ralph Waldo Emerson Brahma-A Supposition In the darkness of a sustaining force The unseen child of that unknown source Hiranyagarbha to bear when chose Supreme-sustenance itself instilled to repose In Brahma in Hiranyagarbha Hiranyagarbha, self-manifested womb golden The power-cause of Brahma's whole creation Supremacy we call the Brahmam Brahma of Brahmam with Brahmam born Brahmam self-embeded all in Brahma's karma Indira Renganathan
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