The brain is the nervous system, can even make tears,
Can make people laugh, through the hardest of years,
Can link up our thoughts and make us feel great,
But can also make us an emotional state,
Can make people selfish and even cause war,
Can make you play rounders and possibly score.

Sometimes our brain can make us be very bad,
Can also make us feel that we are very sad,
Sometimes we feel like we are alone,
Like a sandy beach with just one stone,
The brain can give us many intentions,
It can make us see our own reflection.

The brain can move our entire being,
Can make us chase when the enemy is fleeing,
Sometimes we don’t know what to expect,
The answers aren’t always so direct,
The key thing to remember is the brain is there,
So don’t give yourself a neuro tear

by Annie Hobbins

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